How to Monitor Internet Data on Your Android Phone

how to control internet data in android smart phone

Learn how to use Data Saver Mode on your Android phone

Telecom companies of India are offering 'Unlimited Data' plan. Airtel, Jio, Vi, among other operators, have a lot of prepaid recharge plans. In which unlimited data is given to their customer to spend daily.

Telecom companies of India also provide many services for postpaid customers. However, after a limit, the speed is greatly reduced under the Fair Use Policy (FUP) of the service providers. It is very frustrating to have internet access on a slow phone.

We have listed a few ways here in this article by which you can monitor internet data usage on Android phone. Meanwhile, you can also check the recharge plan offered by your network operator.

How to set data limit on your Android smartphone?

  1. Go to your smartphone's Settings, search for Network/SIM/Internet. Either you can also search datasaver in search bar in setting.
  2. Now go inside the Internet.
  3. Scroll down a bit and select Data warnings and limits.
  4. Now tap on Mobile data usage cycle and now you can set the duration of the data usage cycle.
  5. Then tap on Set data limit option to enter the data limit.

In some phones you can directly access Network settings without searching. Then go to Data Usage > Billing Cycle and follow the above steps to set the data limit.

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How to use Data Saver on your Android Smartphone?

With the data saver method, apps on your Android smartphone are prevented from sending or receiving data in the background. You can manually choose which apps are restricted, and which are allowed to use data even when Data Saver is on.

  1. Go to your smartphone's Settings and search for Network/SIM/Internet.
  2. Then find Data Saver and enable it.

How to turn off dual channel network option?

Some smartphones come with a dual-channel network acceleration option that lets you use both Wi-Fi and mobile data to speed up downloads in the phone. Turn it on and you can save some amount of data.

How to enable auto-update on Wi-Fi only in your smartphone?

As soon as the internet is turned on in your smartphone, all the apps are updated automatically. You can also change this setting to have the phone's apps automatically update when your smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

  1. You open the Google Play app and tap on the profile image on the top right corner.
  2. Now from the pop-up menu tap on Settings and then choose Network Preferences.
  3. There you'll see these options: App download preference, Apps auto-update, and Auto-play videos. Now all you have to do is select Over Wi-Fi only for all three options.

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If your data runs out quickly then you can use some small apps to do it

Some apps on the smartphone use a lot of data to load. So to avoid them, you can use apps like Facebook Lite or Instagram Lite which do not require fast internet connection to load. As needed, you can explore such lightweight apps to help save data.

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